Writing the Book is the “Easy” Part

Scott Publishing Services (SPS) provides authors quality services for publishing their books. We help reduce the level of frustration involved in the process so authors can enjoy the journey to being published.


The publishing industry has become more open due to significant technological advances in recent years. With greater access also comes increased difficulty. While having your book published through a traditional publisher would take more time, every facet of the production chain was taken on by the publishing firm. There was less risk, but also less control over the outcome.

Publishing your book is a challenge worth accepting

In today’s independent publishing market the majority of the production tasks for a book rest on the author. The rewards of independently publishing a book also carry with it challenges. So, not only has the author written a book, but they must now design and create every other component of the book as well. The majority, if not all, of the risk now falls on the author, who must be author, publisher, promoter and salesman all wrapped into one. This is the tradeoff for more control of the journey.

That’s where SPS comes in. We offer services to complete the production phase of the publishing process and coaching to help you navigate your way through the self-publishing wilderness. Our hope is to simplify the process so that you can be an author and still publish on your terms. As the author, you have worked too hard to produce the manuscript to finish short of the goal.

Our experienced staff will help you to achieve your goals and realize your dream of publishing your book. We can help you put your book on your shelf!